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Are you an independent driver looking for a driving job? If you usually use a driver agency for temporary driver jobs, short-term contract work, or even a PAYE driver job with an employer, then Availabledrivers.com is definitely for you.

Pick up the same or similar driving jobs close to where you live directly from your mobile, tablet, or PC. Use our innovative and revolutionary platform for FREE that connected both the Transport Operator's or Fleet Operations and the Professional HGV, LGV, 7.5t Driver, or Van Drivers to reduce driver agency costs and charges.

Try our fast and easy-to-use mobile application, however, you must be reliable with great driving skills, available work history, and a willingness to work smart with the clients that find you and your availability on our platform. Get Registered today.

Our aim is to put you in front of the very best driving jobs, be it an HGV, Class 1, Class 2, LGV, 7.5t, Goods Vans, Light Vans, Motor Cycle or Bus, and Coach driving jobs. So, whether you’re self-employed, a limited contractor, or a casual worker, get your driving skills matched up with your preferences and skills for driving jobs near you.

You always remain in control of who you work for and when you want to work it's all in the palm of your hand. It could be life-changing. The Available drivers' platform could be your driver's workplace.

Earn more, work smarter direct from your mobile

To maximise your earning potential you may want to drive for as many operators and fleets as possible, however, you need to know who and when driver hire jobs become available. This is vital as a contractor or job-seeking driver, so don't waste any more time, download our Android or Apple IOS app today and let your job search begin.

If you're not interested in finding a new driving job or work today, use our technology to manage your own driving jobs and assignments for FREE, or just visit our new driver forum to engage with other industry professionals and drivers on topics that concern you, all for FREE. Sign up today


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There are 3 options available for registration.

Basic Driver Registration

Register your contact details for FREE then use our app to manage your own driving jobs, view available driving jobs, or contribute to our new forum bulletin board. That's it!

Standard Work Profile

If you choose to go a step further and you wish to find driving work, you can complete a Standard Work Profile for FREE to be able to apply for jobs and assignments.

Clearly, this will take a small amount of your time to complete so be prepared to share your CV, employment history, skill sets, and certification, and apply your personal preferences so that the transport or fleet owners are able to find you and your availability.

Advanced Work Profile

This profile is not mandatory but will enable your driver profile details to be promoted to transport operators or fleet owners as HIRE READY. This initial upgrade provides a level of assurance that you are serious about being hired and allows your profile to stand above other drivers that also seek the same work.

Option 1

Advanced Work Profile comes at a cost, but the lowest cost possible we can achieve today. It's a small not-for-profit option charged at £9.99* and includes;

  • Full professional DVLA licence check (not a share code service) supplied by the leading licence check provider in the UK Licence Check Ltd.
  • It includes a Know Your Customer (KYC) check which verifies your identity and validates you are who you say you are.
  • It also includes a full UK Right to Work check

This is not a service for our benefit, it allows you to stand above the rest, it's optional, and again your choice.

Our transport and fleet owners will be able to review your full Advanced Work Profile making selections for driver jobs quicker and easier. *It's also recommended that you keep your Advanced Work Profile up to date, you will always have the option to renew any necessary frequent checks at a minimal cost to win the best driving jobs available in your area.

Option 2

In addition, to option 1, we recommend that you certify your driving position with an IR35 status determination further advancing your profile to hirers which will be welcomed by transport and fleet owners and allows them to meet their own compliance requirements easier, make yourself easy to be hired. This qualifying status will incur a not-for-profit cost of £89. 

How it works 

With both Standard and Advanced Work Profiles you will have the option to deal directly with the transport or fleet owners using our unique driver recruitment platform. The transport or fleet owner may wish to make all payments to you directly or pay you via a third party such as an umbrella body or payment agent. These job roles could be permanent, contract, or even temporary driver work and either inside or outside of IR35 which will be subject to status.  

All driver assignments or available driver roles will be clearly defined by the transport or fleet owner. In the case where a contractor or temporary driver is required, you will be able to view the full assignment details and/or be sent/be able to download the Key Information Document (KID) about the job. For PAYE employed roles, a brief job description will be offered. This will allow you to understand clearly and quickly what is on offer before you officially apply for the post. If you then decide to apply for the driving job, the transport or fleet owner will have access to your Standard or Advanced Work Profile so that they are able to consider your application. All replies will come back to you via your Available MobileApp, so you need to act quickly to secure a post.

Just for clarity, Availabledrivers are not currently involved in any part of the hiring process or take any revenue from any hiring agreement you have with the driver hirer. Our revenue comes from platform subscriptions paid for by the driver hirer or agency partners. 

View or receive job offers directly, review, apply, reject or accept. It's your choice, so stay in control.


So what do I need to do to get registered today?

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